• Managed Internet Access (Leased Lines)
    Managed Internet Access (Leased Lines)

    Are you frustrated by slow, underperforming broadband that’s constantly letting you down? The solution could be Managed Internet Access (MIA) from HPN. This is a Leased Line connection dedicated solely to your business that allows you to bypass bottlenecks.

    Your key MIA benefits include:

    1. Symmetrical connectivity means your upload and download speeds are the same. So no bottleneck, only better business performance.
    2. It’s best for your business. Your MIA your connection gives you exclusive priority broadband access.
    3. Your MIA is fit for purpose now and protected for the future. This means you can plan future business expansion safe in the knowledge that your internet access will be available and reliable.
    4. The improved performance and efficiency savings resulting from MIA will more than offset the marginal cost increase.
    5. Have you a Need for Speed? With speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, MIA isn’t an upgrade…it’s a transformation!

  • Managed WAN
    Managed WAN

    Whether your business has multiple sites in the same city or operates globally, a Managed WAN from HPN will bring your locations together as one. With a fully managed end-to-end solution and a dedicated project manager from design to deployment, we have got you covered all day, all year.
    In addition, we can use P2P Ethernet to connect sites located within a 45km radius, or connect nationally and globally using IP VPN.

  • Mobile Broadband
    Mobile Broadband

    Through our interconnect we can connect temporary/remote sites or mobile devices into your private network.

    To request more information or a consultation on which best suits your business contact via email

  • Business Broadband
    Business Broadband

    Broadband is now a business essential, so our offering has been built with businesses in mind, with premium traffic weighting and enhanced care as standard.  HPN ADLS/FTTC is available throughout the UK and Ireland.

  • Resilient MIA
    Resilient MIA

    For businesses that cannot have an outage of any kind, we can design and deploy a fully resilient solution.  Our “core network” has no single point of failure, so we can connect your business using tails from different carriers back to our core network. By using HSRP OSFP we can provide a robust and fully managed solution. This means that should an outage or a break occur with one carrier, no manual intervention and no reconfiguration is required – in fact you will be unaware of it. All traffic is automatically routed over the other tail, with no disruption to your operations.  

  • Hosted Firewall
    Hosted Firewall

    Our Hosted Firewall is a virtual gateway device which sits on HPN’s managed infrastructure at one of our four data centres. It is managed and maintained by our dedicated support teams. This solution allows the Hosted Firewall to be the central breakout onto the internet for your network, preventing malicious packets and helping to filter traffic to and from your servers. Our Hosted Firewall can be tied into other HPN product offerings including MIA Leased Lines, Auto Failover and Resilient MIA/WAN.
    HPN provides full support and maintenance for our Hosted Firewall service, either part of our offering, or with full customer access for you to manage as you see fit.

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